Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Super Glue Boo.

One day into business and
the factory line is stuck
thanks to a sticky situation.

Having decided to go pro,
progress called for Super Glue
instead of UHU.

But the result was Boo Hoo! :(

When I checked to see if the glue had dried,
there was a sort of "icing sugar" effect on my beads.
Don't really know what it is - fingerprints, erosion?
All I know is that that's a day's work down the drain.
 And that I'm sticking with UHU.

Contemplating trying this, but will probably take longer
than actually making new ones!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Bead Breath on Etsy!

Bead Breath is now on Etsy!
The first two listings went live this morning.

Shop's looking quite humble at the moment,
but will be adding new designs every few days.

These guys on sale right now were two of my earliest creations:

Do drop by to send some love or... money :)