Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Chain Reaction.

Traffic jam.


Three-car pile-up.

I wish cars weren't invented so that
we could ride horses to work. 

Either way, both are infinitely more fun

Monday, July 19, 2010


Check out the Wikipedia article on Paul the Octopus.
It's hilarious! Includes his illustrious

 May his talented tentacles
never cease to amaze!

And they shan't!
If he makes any of these
grrreat career moves:

Paul the Octopurse.
He is, after all, the best bet
for your money.

Paul the Moptopus.
Leaves your floor predictably clean
every time!

Paul the Porktopus.
Posing as a pig strangely and greatly
increases his odds of survival,
what with all the death threats
and octopus recipes floating about.


Bid for Paul!
Say this as fast as you can:
Paul Pizza
Paul Pasta
Paul Paella
Paul Pad Thai
Paul Pork Pie 
Paul Porridge
Paul Popcorn
Paul Pudding
Paul Pancakes
Paul Papadom

Extra points if you can cook up
more P-P-Paul recipes!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

World Cup Safari: Predator vs. Prey.

Fig 1. Uruguay is prey.
Although they put up quite a fight.

Fig 2. Netherlands, the bloodthirsty predator,
is disgusted by the taste of grass.

Ok, I cheated a little in this World Cup Safari post.
But there's no way I could've pulled off a wildebeest!
And I didn't want to make another lion.

This funny little watchamacallit
is whatever you want it to be!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Germany Gives it to Argentina in the Butt.

Slaughter on the World Cup Safari. 
4-0, woot!

Germany's incredible gameplay
made Argentina look
clumsy, slow,
and rather blue.

Germany is so owning right now,
they should call it
Ze Vorld Cup.

On a side note.
Bag a Bead is back!
Anybody want an Ele?

Say it loud and say it first:
This Ele belongs to me!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Why England Lost To Germany.

(Please don't punch me.)

But seriously though,
the Germans made
the Three Lions look like... 

A kitty can't change its meyowr.