Monday, September 6, 2010

They're Here.

A Space Invaders Special
for one of the biggest kids I know.

Although, I don't really know
what to do with this.
Did you want me to iron them?

Doubt you want a necklace :)  
Think they'd look awesome
in mini black frames on the wall.



  1. Yerrr...

    Top Left :Looks like an angry crab.
    Top Right:Looks like CJ7 of that silly Steven Chow movie

    Bottom Left :Scary octopus
    Bottom Right:A hungry alien that just about to eat me up cos i made nasty comments here. :P

    SEE YAAA!!!!!!!

  2. Waaaaaah.... Coolest thing evar!!! :D I want!

  3. @thatjames, yay you like! So I'll iron ze aliens, yes?
    Mini black frames, er... you can get them from Ikea haha: