Sunday, September 19, 2010

Adopt A Totoro.

I'm a terrible hoarder.

 I've been keeping this guy in the drawer
and he hasn't seen the light of day.
Not cause I don't like him,
I just tend to wear the same few pieces
over and over again.

Time to give this Chibi Totoro
to a good home.

Mummy, can we get the Chibi,
please please pleeease??
and Bag It!

Don't forget the puppy dog eyes.


  1. Hey ho :3

    It's really a cutie, but I can't bring myself to bag it, since I have bagged octopaul! Btw I love him :3

    How are you? You haven't blogged in a while and I was wondering, if everything is okay ><


  2. Hi Taka!
    You're so sweet to ask :)
    Everything is ok, it's just that work has been crazy so I haven't had time to work on any new designs :(
    I would love you to have the Chibi Totoro!!!! Will send it to you, ok?

  3. Oh wow! Really?
    Please send it to me :3

    I'm glad everything is ok! I have the same problem here, plus I got pneumonia >_< I hate being sick when it's almost christmas >_<


  4. Hi Taka! So sorry to hear about you catching pneumonia! Hope you're better now. HUGS! Sorry for the delay in sending Chibi Totoro to you too. I am determined post it to you this week! A very very belated Christmas prezzie :)