Monday, January 10, 2011

Back From The Dead.

 Sorry for the silence.
I've been meaning to work on
something new for Bead Breath
for the longest time.

Hopefully this year,
I'll have more new ideas
and less lulls between them :)

Hope you enjoy my latest experiment!
My First Bead Animation! RAWR!
Inspired by Michael Jackson's Zombie Thriller.
The Bollywood alternative is awesome too.
(Gotta love those subtitles.)

My shots were overexposed
but I like how that made MJ's socks glow!


  1. Instead of making one of MJ, could you make one of JM? Thanks :)

  2. @deriana
    Thanks so much! And thanks for dropping by still, your support means a lot!

    Jim Morrison? Not a fan, sorry.

  3. LOL at the JM thing. Not very subtle hehes! I love this vi- I don't know HOW you do it though :p

  4. LOL@JM!
    amusing as always vi schmi...hehe.. yey!beadbreath is BREATHING again!

  5. Awesome! I love animations. :D

  6. @s.u.l.i.n.g
    Haha you guys!! Anonymous FAIL!

    Thank you! So glad you're still visiting Bead Breath! Whee~

  7. Just saw this. Hahahah... you're brilliant!

  8. @thatjames
    Thanks! Thinking of what to animate next. Hmm... What have you done with the Space Invaders?