Monday, June 28, 2010

Accidentally in Love.

Something to help you
Bead the Blues
this Monday morning.

This design is up for grabs!

Accidentally made these lovebirds
while trying to make a grumpy blue bird.

Put this on a short chain with a snap clasp.

Must confess I've worn it a couple of times
to test the strength of the design -
and it's all good!
Be the first to say
Get in Line! It's Mine!
and it's yours!


  1. Cheh.. i already know it'll be MINE..

    Get in Line! It's Mine!

    LOL... ta daaa... And i get to claim it tmw nite? LOL.. mana itu love birds? Can't see it..

  2. Haha! They're right there - can't you see them? They're facing sideways, back to back.

    Why do you want it if you can't see the birds? So greedy! LOL.

    Yes, I'll give it to you tomorrow night :D

  3. The REAL No.1 Fan (GingerBalls)June 29, 2010 at 1:56 PM

    I can spot the 2 birds! Give it to me instead!

  4. Are you sure?

    I'll give it to you if you'll wear it in public.

  5. Update:
    The lovebirds are still available!

    No.1 Fan can't see the birds even when I'm waving them in front of her nose.

    And The REAL No.1 Fan is a dude.

    Looks like I have a pretty dysfunctional fan base. And this giveaway experiment is turning out to be a failure haha.

    Anyhoo, if anyone's interested in the birds, you know what to say. Otherwise, I'd love to keep them.

  6. Get in Line! It's Mine!

    There i did it. Issit mine now?

  7. LOL. I can so imagine you saying that with your deadpan face.

    It's yours!

    Er, you CAN see the lovebirds right?
    I met another person today who couldn't see them -.-

  8. LOL so that means both your No.1 fans are hopeless eh? AHAHAHAHAH...

  9. Hopeless is such a strong word.

    Try something stronger :P

  10. Wohoo!
    I so want to have it T__T
    I saw the birds the instant I looked at them XD They are so cute!
    I would wear it in public *__*

    But I guess Amanda was first T__T

  11. *clears throat*
    Get in Line! It's Mine!


  12. Hi Taka! Oh no, you're 3 days too late, babe!

    I'm don't reproduce my designs, so I'm afraid the lovebirds are Amanda's!

    But no worries. This was my first Bag a Bead experiment, there will be more coming up soon.

    Nice Raaawwrrr by the way ^_^