Monday, August 9, 2010

I Sent You A Stinker.

Dear Aneesah and Taka,
Finally, some breathing space!
 Sorry for the delay in the post department.
It's been hard to find time to work on Bead Breath.

I finally got around to packing Ele and Octopaul.
Here they are, snug as bugs.

I was really paranoid they'd get destroyed in the mail
so I put them in hard plastic boxes,
and padded the insides with
bubble wrap, foam, and tissue.

Yes, the ribbons serve a functional purpose too.
They keep the boxes shut tight!

I'm just really worried I'll end up sending Ele to Austria
and Octopaul to Canterbury instead!
Fingers crossed I got it right.
I only checked about 1,679 times.
See Ya Later, Ele!
Auf Wiedersehen, Paul!


  1. Weehee such nice packaging too! ^__^ Please e-mail me about the cost, yes? Will start stalking the postman/woman soon. x)

  2. Hi Aneesah,
    Don't start waiting by the mail box yet! You may grow cobwebs :p I picked the cheapest postage so it's gonna take a while. No worries, this time the postage is on me. It cost way less than expected.

  3. Hi ^__^

    I wanted to check if you posted some new beadbarfs and there I found this! You are such a nice person! The package is so cute :3
    I can't wait to have it here ^__^

    Willkommen, Paul! *__*

  4. Hi Taka!
    Keep your fingers crossed! I'm just so paranoid Paul will go swimming off on his own somewhere!